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What's it do?

SongBar makes music discovery simple and fun. Get started streaming or your favorite music in Spotify or Apple Music. Quickly see the name and artist of the track that’s currently playing. Let your friends and colleague see your taste in music. See album artwork and access playback controls, right from in the menu bar. SongBar is available both here and in the Mac App Store for your convenience.

SongBar Deluxe

If you’re looking to take your music streaming experience to the next level SongBar Deluxe has you covered. From the App Store version you’ll gain access to skip ahead and back playback controls as well as gain the ability to configure the now playing view to your heart’s content. If you download SongBar from this site you’ll be able to do even more, opening up the ability to see what’s playing from other 3rd party Mac apps and websites in most browsers.


If you need assistance for any reason with the app or registration you can always find support here


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